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The Goods

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The Goods

The Goods2023-11-29T09:43:09+00:00
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Have A Question We Didn’t Answer?2023-09-06T12:16:42+00:00

Still curious? We got you! Shoot a message or drop a text, we’re always here to make your day sweet!

What’s Your Mission?2023-09-06T12:16:09+00:00

Real talk: our biz began from our family. Our middle kiddo has special needs that lit a fire in us. We’re all about creating a space where people with different abilities/special needs can find meaningful employment to find purpose and independence. YOU’RE part of this journey and with your support, we’re getting closer to making this dream a reality. Join us in making a difference!

Do You Do Big Corporate Gigs Or Weddings?2023-09-06T12:15:25+00:00

You bet! We’re the party pros, whether it’s a work soiree or your big day! We’ll customize our desserts to match your vibe and make your guests SWOON! Email us, let’s bake up an order that’s all about your event’s style and flavor. It’s gonna be FIRE!

Do You Ship Nationwide Or Just In Town?2023-09-06T12:14:21+00:00

Shipping’s not our jam right now – a bummer, we know. BUTTTT… we’re gearing up for some sweet changes ahead! Stay tuned for the deets, it’s gonna be worth the wait!

Do You Guys Deliver?2023-09-06T12:13:20+00:00

Totally! When you hit that $100 sweet spot, you score FREE delivery, because you’re awesome. If you’re all about that local love, we’ve got pickups covered in the Katy area too. Hello convenient!

Where Can I Find You? Do You Have a Physical Store?2023-09-06T12:12:34+00:00

We’re your go-to home bakery in Katy, TX! Dreamin’ high, we’re on a mission to find a perm location. Join us in the sweet journey to our dream storefront. Together, we’ll make it happen! #SupportLocal

Do You Have Options For Allergies Like Gluten-free Or Dairy-free?2023-09-06T12:10:37+00:00

Shoot us an email with your special request, and we’ll do our best to make it work for you!

Can I Mix And Match Items In The Collections?2023-09-06T12:09:55+00:00

Swaps are a no-go, sorry friend! Our collections are chosen for the ideal dessert vibes, with crowd Eaves and bang-for-buck pricing. Don’t see your jam? Shoot an email or text our digits for your own custom collection

How Can I Order Multiple Items?2023-09-06T12:07:30+00:00

Not sure what to order? You know we got you! We’ve handpicked killer dessert collections so you can savor more than one treat and save your TIME! Snag these perfectly curated collections on the homepage You’re welcome!

Wanna Know The Deets On Prices? Where Can I Find ’em?2023-09-06T12:07:50+00:00

Our website has all the Beets! From prices to flavors and minimum orders, it’s all there. Heads-up: price is per item, plus taxes do their thing. It’s all about keeping you in the loop!

How Do I Snag These Treats?!2023-09-06T12:05:25+00:00

Get the goods right here on the site! Add to cart, check out, and voila! Need something specific? Spill the tea on what you’re envisioning with our custom order form! We might be busy baking up a storm, so give us 24-48 hours to hit you back. It’s s00000 worth the wait!

Whatcha Cookin’ Up In That Kitchen Of Yours??2023-09-06T12:08:22+00:00

Say goodbye to the ordinary… TRIFLES is all about modern French pastries! Giving you that chic dessert glow-up you didn’t know you needed. From fire macarons to Insta-worthy entremets, we’re here to make your dessert spread LIT!


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