Essentials 2.0

All The OG Classics In One Easy Click! Create The Perfect Dessert Lineup From Crowd Favorites.

Collection Includes The Following:
24 Macarons
24 Trifles/Dessert Shooters
24 Tarts
Complimentary Delivery Included… Cus You’re Awesome!

Have A Specific Request? Drop Your Deets Below!


Write color etc.



**Yo, fam! 72-hour heads-up for online orders, cool?

**Once you cop it, there’s no going back, zero refunds/cancellations, k thx! ✌️

**If you’re goin’ for delivery, make sure someone’s on deck! We can’t be held responsible for stuff chillin’ on your doorstep, especially in the summer heat ☀️ So, snag that package ASAP! 😎

**For custom vibes, hit us up via email! 📧🔥


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